Best Backpack


Best Backpack: REI, Osprey, Gregory Baltoro and Hyperlite mountain gear Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest With a wide spectrum of brands all purporting to give you the best backpacking packs, it can be difficult to choose one: the best one.  To determine this, let us put our top picks to the test to find out who does […]

Best Hiking Hats

Best Hiking Hats Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest If you are a hiker, then I’m sure you know, how essential it is to have a hiking hat as your first defense against the powerful rays of the sun. It is actually one of the most important pieces hiking clothing to get. An essential step on the path […]

7 Health Benefits Of Camping You Didn’t Imagine


7 Health Benefits Of Camping You Didn’t Imagine Camping is a great way to get out in nature, practice some mindfulness, and enjoy the simple things. Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Are you a camping fan? Camping is a great way to get out in nature, practice some mindfulness, and enjoy the simple things. But it has […]

Best Waterproof Camera


Best Waterproof Camera 2020: 6 waterproof cameras reviewed Choose the best waterproof cameras for your next outdoor adventure Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Having the best waterproof camera is essential for those who not only want to enjoy the outdoors but also capture every moment of it. Why would you need a waterproof camera? Whether we’re professionally […]

Printable USGS Topographic Maps [FREE]


Printable USGS Topo Maps for the US [Free] US Topo maps can be downloaded free of charge. All maps can be viewed and printed from PDF Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Want a bunch of free printable USGS topo maps of mainland United States? These topographic maps are super helpful for hiking and camping – you’ll not […]

Best Backpacking Foods


Best Backpacking Foods 2020: nutritious food you should ALWAYS take camping breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert [and snacks] SORTED. What you should be shopping for… Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest So you’re wondering what are the best backpacking foods? Roasting s’mores over a campfire, drinking coffee from a tin cup while the sun rises over the lake, digging […]

Best Camping Spots USA


The 30 Best Camping Spots In The USA Looking for camping grounds? We’ve got you covered. These camping spots in the US are great for getting out in nature. Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Looking for somewhere to camp in the USA this year? Whether you’re a first time camper or a seasoned pro traveling alone or […]

Best Hiking GPS


Best Hiking GPS 2019: Handhelds, watches, and more Whether you are hiking, trekking or mountaineering…the best GPS to make sure you never get lost again Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest If you want to know what the best hiking GPS is… you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a weekend warrior, wilderness […]

Best Wireless Speakers


Best Outdoor Wireless Speakers 2019: the best price and audio quality Stream music from any phone, tablet or laptop with the best outdoor wireless speakers Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Choosing the best outdoor wireless speakers can be hard – Wireless outdoor speakers have exploded in popularity, and nearly every major consumer electronics vendor has a cord-cutting […]

Best Hiking Underwear


Best Hiking Underwear: keep comfortable on your next adventure Check out the finest tech for stay, dry, warm and comfortable Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Whether your preferred sport is hiking, mountaineering or trekking, you will agree that the sporting gear you choose to adorn has a huge part to play in your overall participation in your […]