7 Health Benefits Of Camping You Didn't Imagine

Camping is a great way to get out in nature, practice some mindfulness, and enjoy the simple things.

Are you a camping fan?

Camping is a great way to get out in nature, practice some mindfulness, and enjoy the simple things.

But it has many more benefits you may not be aware of.

It can benefit you physically, emotionally and also mentally. Here are the top 7 reasons why camping is good for you.

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1. Unplug From Technology

How long has it been since you logged off from social media?

Well, if it has been a while, you might not have an idea of how unplugging makes you feel.

You can enjoy your life when you are not online and you need to disconnect from the online world every once in a while. 


Well, that’s where camping comes in handy.

You can disconnect from social media and connect with nature.

Here, you will enjoy a few outdoor activities such as planning a road trip, camping trip or simply spending a day in the woods.

You can relax and elevate your mood accordingly.

2. Soothe Your Brain And Lungs

Oxygen is very vital to our survival.

Lack of it will affect a few systems in your body and your brain too.

The extra oxygen you get in fresh air outdoors prompts your body to release serotonin.

It is a neurotransmitter that brings out the sense of happiness and wellbeing. As a result, your motor skills and brain function will improve instantaneously. 

If you’ve practiced yoga or meditation before, camping is a good place to practice.

According to the practitioners at Mukti Freedom Yoga, “the fresh air of the mountains, and being away from the distractions of the metro make camping a good occasion for breathing exercises. Being surrounded by nature can really inspire inner peace and mindfulness.

Take one weekend and get out of the city.

Take a hike or go camping.

Even better, you can party under the full moon with a bonfire. You need to recharge your batteries and open up your mind.

3. Reduce Stress


If you are stressed, your health will also be affected.

Did you know that stress is the underlying cause for many diseases?

You need to learn the right way to manage stress and avoid getting sick.

If you want to learn how to focus on your wellbeing, you should plan a date with nature.

It’s the best way to fight stress.

You can enjoy camping and other outdoor activities that help you forget your busy life.

You will enjoy new experiences that will reduce your stress levels as well as depression or anxiety.

Get away from your stressful day to day life and go camping for the best stress relief exercises!

4. Be More Active

When you perform different activities such as hiking, swimming or relaxing in nature, you might not be aware of the different movements of your body.

Well, you should know that participating in these activities can be quite beneficial for your body.

Yes, you might feel some pain or exhaustion after doing them but they are good for you.


Have you ever felt a weird pain emanating from your body a few days after performing a new exercise routine or movement?

Well, you should know that exercise is the best way to improve your mood and overall health.

You can use it to liberate your mind and actually feel alive. 

The kinesiology experts at Shen Ko Vitality agree that camping can you a good workout.

It can stimulate you mentally and physically. You will flex your muscles, burn calories, go through new experiences and take on new challenges — all of which can only have a very positive effect on your mind and body.

5. Better Socialise

By stepping outdoors you will be closer with your camping mates and also improve your relationship skills.

It’s a great way to improve communication and trust and also create amazing memories.

You can get out of your daily routine and socialise with the people near you accordingly.


If you’re camping with new people, that’s good too. 


According to the personal coaches at Mindset Mastery:

changing your context can take the weight away from personal challenges. Being in a new environment at camp can foster personal growth. The new interactions you’ll have can give you a fresh perspective that you can bring back home with you.

6.    Improve Diet 

Any food that needs to be prepared will improve your digestive system when consumed.

Therefore, going camping will take a break from the processed fast foods.

Therefore, it’s a great way to promote healthy eating.

7. Increase Vitamins And Minerals


When you step outside, your body will absorb a lot of sunlight thus increasing your intake of vitamin D. 

This is useful in your body because it helps with the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. These 2 minerals are essential for healthy bones and teeth. You will feel the energy boosting inside your body and your mood will also improve.

Of course, you need to use sun protection when you are outside. Remember, excessive exposure to the sun is harmful and do horrendous damage to your skin. Therefore, protect your body with the right sun protection creams and lotions. 

Try camping today and you can enjoy these and many more benefits! 

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Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments why you love camping!!!

Author Bio: Ryan Smith



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