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How To Choose The Most Comfortable Hammock

Today you’re going to learn everything you need to know about selecting the most comfortable hammock.

From, the materials to the size and weight – we’ve got you covered.

Check it out:

Congratulations. You’ve decided to head outside and sleep in a hammock on your next camping trip. From now on, total relaxation awaits you, as well as a whole new way of experiencing camping, nature and the great outdoors. The world is waiting for you.

Here are a few things you’ve chosen:

  • You’ve chosen freedom.
  • You’ve chosen a better, faster way to sleep.
  • You’ve chosen a better way to chill out during the day.
  • You’ve chosen a more convenient way of traveling.
  • You’ve chosen to sleep underneath the stars.
  • You’ve chosen no more back pain, no more drenched mattresses, and no more sleeping with the worms, the ants and your dead skin cells (eew).  

But there is still one more choice to make – the right hammock.

Choose the wrong hammock, and all your previous choices up there could easily disappear.

I know, I know. It sucks.

But that’s why we’re here today – to help you make a better, more informed buying decision so that you buy the hammock that is right for you.

Not all hammocks are the same. There are various types that satisfy different needs, and which work better in different conditions.

And some hammocks are better than others. There are some that are more stable, more durable, more comfortable, and stronger than others.

Making the right choice is important, and there are a number of benefits you need to consider before parting with your money. Let’s look at what you need to look for when shopping for a travel hammock:

The Durability

So that you don’t waste your money on a hammock that works great for two sleeps before falling apart on you and tossing you out in the middle of the third night, it’s important that you assess how durable a hammock is.

A durable hammock is one that can be left outside for a whole season, where it can endure testing elements, from sunshine to rain.

Basically, durability = weather toughness.

The Materials

Not all hammocks are made from the same materials. We recommend 100% ripstop nylon, as this stitching construction ensures that a hammock is resistant to ripping and tearing. It also gives the hammock a greater degree of strength, allowing it to hold over 400 pounds of weight.

Vinyl and acrylic are synthetic materials that are also often used to make hammocks. These materials are especially good at drying a pool-side hammock quickly.

The Strength of  the Tree Straps

You’ll be hanging your hammock from tree to tree, and a such you need robust, sturdy and durable tree straps that can cope with your weight and the elements.

Superior strength is the name of the game here, but an important factor to also take into consideration is how much impact the straps have on the trees. Lots of buyers are very environmentally conscious, so a hammock that minimizes impact on trees as much as possible is a good bet.

The Size

One of the main reasons more and more campers are making the switch from tents to hammocks is because of the convenience.

But a hammock isn’t going to be offering any kind of improved convenience if it’s the size of a small island.

The ideal travel hammock should be one that is tiny enough to stuff into your bag without taking up any more room than a softball. Any bigger, and it’s going to frustrate the heck out of you when you realise that you’ve gotta leave more stuff at home to accommodate it.

The Weight

The ideal travel or hiking hammock shouldn’t weigh any more than two pounds. If it does, it’s going to be a huge burden on your back and shoulders as you walk around.

A hammock that is any heavier than two pounds is going to be a very poor replacement for a sleeping bag. The ideal is for you to be able to easily slip it into your rucksack and travel without even noticing that it’s there.

The Strength

This really goes without saying. A travel hammock has to be able to hold your weight, and ideally should be able to hold at least 400 pounds.

The Accessories

Not necessarily a deal breaker, but the accessories that come with a hammock can really enhance your camping experience.

Useful accessories might include:

  • Parachute chord which offers more stability and increased hanging distances
  • Bent-gate Carabiners, which make it easier to clip onto ropes
  • Mosquito netting to keep out pesky nighttime bugs and insects
  • Webbing straps which serve to protect fragile tree bark
  • Insulation systems which let you use your hammock in all seasons


Is It Multi Purpose?

A hammock is always better when it can fit more than one purpose. If you buy a hammock that also replaces your chair for an afternoon read or chill, you’re onto a winner.

Is It Easy To Setup?

One of the reasons we swap tents for hammocks is that hammocks are easier to setup. A good hammock is that that takes no more than two minutes to transform from a bundle in your bag to a place where you can snooze. Heavenly.

The Resilience

The trouble with some hammocks is they aren’t made from breathable nylon. As such, extreme conditions – such as heat or cold – can be their (and your) downfall.

The key is to look for a hammock that is made from strong, breathable nylon, as this ensures that it dries quickly, and is durable.

Our Conclusion

We can’t think of a better travel hammock that brings together all of the above benefits better than the Lightweight Portable Nylon Parachute Travel Hammock by Australian family company Dilly Outdoors.

This extremely lightweight hammock has what it takes to ensure that your next camping trip with a hammock is your most memorable one yet.

Made from robust military grade ripstop nylon, it’s weather tough enough to cope with sunshine, wind or rain. It comes stuffed with useful and essential accessories, including two parachute chords, a pair of environmentally-friendly tree straps, and two aluminium bent-gate carabiners.

Setup takes just a matter of minutes, while tucking it away into your backpack and carrying it on your shoulders is no hassle at all. It represents a new and more convenient way of enjoying the great outdoors. It could become your newest treasure.

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